The original Chromebook Pixel is still my favorite laptop

I’ve used many different laptops over the years, starting with the pioneering clamshell laptops made by Grid Systems, a monochrome 8086, up to my current ‘monster’ laptop, a weighty gaming laptop made by Gigabyte, with 17″ screen, GeForce GTX 1060 video, and more memory and IO than you can throw a stick at.

What’s your favorite laptop? Mine? The Chromebook Pixel, first released by Google in 2013. Offered as a free gift for attendees of Google’s I/O developer conference, this laptop introduced me to the linux-based Chromebook format. With a fast SSD drive, high-DPI screen, and built-in 4G modem, this laptop has proven to be the most versatile device I’ve used up until this point.

Image result for chromebook pixel

But wait, you say, this is 2019. Surely there’s a better laptop out there? Hopefully there is. Sadly the Pixel has reached it’s end-of-life, and no longer receives regular system updates from Google.

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